Scott C. Parker
A bit more about me.....

It all started in a small one room shack in the middle of the village. Well, maybe not. The small shack was an apartment in New York and the village was Greenwich Village. Born to an artist and a writer, I grew up surrounded by the arts. My first school was the progressive City & Country School on 12th Street. From there, I went up to the Elizabeth Seeger High School. Really, I went up... The Seeger School rented a floor from City & Country.

After Seeger, I went to Bennington College to major in Photography. It was there that I discovered that I would prefer to work in a large dark room with a lot of people rather then by myself in the photo darkroom. I found Lighting Design.

Here is a copy of what I place in programs.

Scott C. Parker currently teaches Lighting Design at Columbus State University in Columbus GA. He co-produces the Stage Lighting Super Saturday workshop with partner Sonny Sonnenfeld in New York City. He has served as Chair for the USITT NY Area Section and is active in the annual USITT national conferences. Prior teaching positions include professor of lighting and sound design at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film; professor of theater technology at Pace University; and teacher of stage design and technology at the Edward R. Burrow School in NYC. Mr. Parker has been a Lighting/scenic designer, Equity stage manager and technical director in New York for over three decades. Mr. Parker's credits include Radio City Music Hall, the Lincoln Center Institute, Gene Frankle Theater, The Public, John Houseman Theater, American Place, Town Hall and other theaters from Boston to Nashville to Nebraska. Mr. Parker has worked as a TV News Cameraman with work appearing locally on all New York City News programs. Work has also been seen nationally and internationally on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, TNN, CNBC, overseas television and GOOD MORNING AMERICA, 48 HOURS and REGIS PHILBIN. He has a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatrical Design & Technology from Brooklyn College and has studied design at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, The Studio School of Stage Design, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Bennington College, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree.