The Computers in Architecture class at City College resulted in the students gaining a working knowledge of AutoCAD, PhotoShop, and Rhino3D. This was a 4 credit course attended by mostly 3rd and 4th year students.

Course Description

An introduction to the concepts and use of digital media for architectural design imaging and documentation including:

            Image capture, creation & processing

            2D Vector drawing (CAD)

            Compositing & Publishing

            3D Modeling & Imaging

            Rendering & Animation

            Web dissemination


A beginning course exploring the concepts and use of digital media for architecture that introduces the fundamental ideas, operations and procedures on which digital modeling, imaging, visualization, and CAD software are based.  Students are expected to develop a thorough knowledge of digital technology as well as acquire design and modeling skills using the current versions of standard software. Intel-based equipment and the Windows environment will be introduced as required.

Methods and means of creating, manipulating and presenting digital images

Fundamentals of digital modeling and imaging

Digital technology as a creative and expressive medium

 The course includes weekly lectures and demonstrations utilizing the projector and computer equipment in the school’s digital classroom/lab where students have access to a dedicated workstation during class.  Computing facilities are available to students during extended non-class hours for carrying-out course assignments, completing exercises, practice, etc.