Master of Fine Arts in Stage Design (Lighting), Brooklyn College, New York                                          1994


Additional postgraduate training includes:

á      NYU Tisch School of the Arts Advanced MFA Lighting Track, NY                                          1992-1993

              Studied with John Gleason, Lloyd Burlingame, Curt Osterman, Sal Tagliarino, Oliver Smith.


á       Additional guidance, advice and/or mentoring received over the years from Tharon Musser, Ken Billington, John McKernon, Richard Pilbrow, David Hersey, and Neal Peter Jampolis.


á      Broadway Lighting Master Classes in New York City.                               1993, 1994, 1996, 2004-2007

á      Studio Forum of Stage Design (aka, the Polakov Studio.) NJ. Susan White, Dennis Parichy.                       1994

á      Art Students League of New York, NYC drawing, sketching and painting classes.


á      College of St. Rose and the NY Institute of Technology                                                         1999-2000
18 credits in pedagogy.                                                                                                                                    


Bachelor of Arts in Theater (Lighting), Bennington College, Bennington, VT                                         1984


á      Royal Shakespeare Institute (Lighting Shakespeare) Stratford upon Avon, England                         1983


Professional Work

Please see page 8 for a list of selected design credits.


Freelance Lighting and Scenic Designer and all-round theater professional based in NYC. 1984 to Present

My approach to lighting design is that of a painter, painting with light. Lighting units are considered paintbrushes, each one dipped into a creatively chosen color, and used to paint a picture on stage with carefully placed highlights and shadows. I create environments in which events take place.

á      Lighting, scenic and sound design for numerous musical, comedy, and dramatic productions, corporate parties and events.

á      Supervision of numerous projects as a freelance production manager and technical director.

á      Stage manager member of Actors Equity Association.

á      Proficient with a wide range of software including Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Photoshop and more.


Producer of annual Stage Lighting Super Saturday, NYC, L.A. and Atlanta             July 2005 to Present

Co-producer (with Sonny Sonnenfeld) of professional all-day lighting workshops. Attended by young designers, teachers, and students, these seminars feature theater professionals presenting various topics relating to current lighting practices. The workshop has been produced in NYC annually from 2005 to 2008. The 2009 event to take place in Los Angeles.

á      Keynote addresses by Ken Billington, Jim Moody and Beverly Emmons. Speakers included Steve Shelley, Eric Cornwell, Joe Tewil, Gary Fails, Bobby Harrell, K.C. Hooper, and more.

á      Hosted 25 lighting technology manufacturers to display their equipment: Altman, Apollo, Barbizon, City Theatrical, Field Template, GAM, High End, Lee, Lycian, Martin Pro, Ocean Optics, Osram Sylvania, Robert Juliat, Rosco, Selecon, Strand, Strong, Times Square, Vectorworks, Wybron and more.


Judge/Panel Member at LDIŐs annual Lighting Portfolio Review for young designers, Las Vegas, Orlando  2008,9


Presented ŇParkerŐs Plots via OrigamiÓ Broadway Lighting Master Class, NYC May, 2008 and May 2009

Short presentation of determining lighting unit angle and preliminary plotting technique during Live Design MagazineŐs annual master class.
Faculty Technical Director, Lecturer of Theater Technology                  
2009 to present

School of the Arts, Columbus State University in Columbus GA

Duties include teaching and mentoring students within a large NAST accredited theater program. Supervising staff and students working in a three-theater performing arts complex.



Intermediate Stagecraft (3cr hours)

Intermediate level course exploring stage rigging, basic automation concepts, production budgeting and crew supervision. Students served as technical leaders on mainstage productions.


Drawing and Drafting for Theater (2 cr hours)

Beginning course covering the skills and processes used by theatrical scenic, lighting and costume designers. As well as technical drawing for the theater technician.


Grants Received:

On-line course development grant: CAD for the theater.                                                                                    2010



Faculty Lighting Designer, Assistant Professor of Lighting and Sound Design                          2007 to 2009

Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film, University of Nebraska-Lincoln                                                   

Duties include teaching BFA and MFA students; recruitment and service for the Johnny Carson School; developing, supervising and maintaining the BFA and MFA curriculum for the Lighting Design Program; and advising and mentoring MFA or BFA students during the design and/or technical process of realized department mainstage productions for both lighting and sound (30 students, including 2 MFA thesis projects, to date.)



á      Supervise lighting and sound graduate assistants in maintaining technical equipment and service shops.

á      Maintain yearly operating and lighting and sound production budgets.

á      Created independent study protocols for MFA and BFA lighting and sound students to align with the USA829 exam procedures.

á      Obtained equipment for moving light lab utilizing Martin Professional automated fixtures and High EndŐs Hog3 control system.

á      Created three new introductory classes in rigging, computer lighting control, and stage electrics.



Lighting Design I (3cr hours)

BFA and MFA students. Developed and taught a three-semester progression of classes that builds the essential skills required to serve as a theatrical lighting designer. In the first semester students experience and/or create script analyses, visual research, pencil lighting sketches, rough light plots and sections, requisite lighting paperwork, practical lighting labs, and an overall lighting design paper project.


Lighting Design II (3cr hours)

BFA and MFA students. The second class of the lighting progression is split between paperwork communication and experiencing stage lighting techniques in the lab. In the design studio, focus is upon creating the design idea while increasing the speed and clarity of light plots, sections, instrument schedules, channel hookups, color schedules and shop orders. Further exploration of lighting angle, color composition, and intensity occurs in the light lab.


Lighting Design III (3cr hours)

BFA and MFA students. The third class of this lighting sequence explores the use of atmospherics including fog, smoke, and dry ice effects in the light lab. Students also expand their knowledge of advanced lighting equipment including color scrollers, moving lights, and a varied collection of computer control consoles. Additional scenic elements are introduced into the lighting designer's repertoire including scrims, cycs, and rear painted drops.


Sound Design I (3cr hours)

BFA and MFA students. This is first of two classes offered in sound design. Students start via script analyses and design concepts towards creating live sound effects for the stage. The class continues on to recording those same sound effects to CD or MP3 files. The class culminates with building a design from a mixture of custom recorded tracks and other cues pulled from pre-recorded sound effects libraries. Students are introduced to basic technologies of sound reinforcement and playback.


Sound Design II (3cr hours)

BFA and MFA students. The second level of sound design explores system specification and the paperwork required to mount medium to large scale productions. Students explore system component definitions, microphone and speaker frequency, polar pattern and dispersion charts. Computer recording and editing tools including Pro-Tools and Audacity are utilized to build shows. Final design projects are played via SFX.


Practicum in Theatre (aka Independent Study and/or thesis projects. 1-9 credit hours.)

BFA and MFA students. Mentorship of students during the design and/or technical process for department produced productions. Students are mentored during the creative process from first readings through to opening night. Students document both the process and the resultant production for portfolio presentations. Productions to date are Self Defense (or Death of Some Salesman), Six Degrees of Separation, Carousel, The Good Doctor, As You Like It, An American Daughter. Summer internship supervision for MFA students.


Introduction to Stage Electrics (Offered as a one credit topics course over a five week period.)

BA and BFA students. This class is an introduction to the basic electrical technology of stage lighting. Students explore the various aspects of electricity for the stage and work with a varied assortment of stage lighting gear in the light lab and the schoolŐs theaters. AutoCAD, Vectorworks and Lightwright programs are utilized.


Introduction to Stage Rigging (Offered as a one credit topics course over a five week period.)

BA and BFA students. During this introductory level class, students rig stage scenery and lighting equipment in the lab and school theatres. Students work with block and tackle, hand line counterweight line sets and the Vortek motorized rigging system. Some students work as leaders for the department's productions.


Introduction to Computer Lighting (Offered as a one credit topics course over a five week period.)

BA and BFA students. This class is an introductory level short course covering computer control, networking, DMX signal protocols, standard cue recording, and introduction to moving light control theory for the stage. Working with equipment in the CAD lab and the schoolŐs theatres, students have a hands-on experience with Hog3PC, ETC Obsession, Expression 3, WYSIWYG, Martin Show Designer, and more. Students have the opportunity to serve as lighting programmers on department productions.


Service for the Johnny Carson School and the College of Fine and Performing Arts

Member, Search committee, Scenic Design Professor for the School of Theatre.

Member, Travel Grant Committee for the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

Member, Curriculum Committee for the School of Theatre.

Designer, Johnny Carson School dedication weekend with VIP guests including Carson family members.

Member, Recruiting Committee for the School of Theatre.                                                                                        


Grants Received

Presentation of Creative Activity (Research) Travel Grant                                                                       2008-2009

Professional Development Travel Grants                                                                                                  2008, 2009

Presentation of Creative Activity (Research) Travel Grant                                                                       2007-2008

Funding from the College DeanŐs office for moving light lab computer control equipment.                               2008



Faculty Lighting Designer/Technical Director, Pace University, New York NY                             2004-2007

Assistant Professor of Theater Technology. Taught all levels of lighting design and technology, sound and acoustics, stage management, stagecraft, production crew, civic engagement, and introduction to theater

á      Managed on-line purchasing system for the department.

á      Built moving light lab utilizing Robe America automated fixtures and High EndŐs Hog3 control system.

á      Committee work including tenure and promotion and recruiting.

á      Authored new civic engagement program matching technical theater students with local public schools.

á      Supervised lighting, scene and costume shop staff.

á      Vice president of AAUP chapter. Member of Faculty Council.                                                                                




High School Musical: The Tech Side (civic engagement class. (3cr hours)

á    I created this program where students volunteered to work with New York City Department of Education Theatre Teachers in the Public School system. Students worked directly with high school and middle school students towards the technical staging of their respective school productions. This course satisfied Pace UniversityŐs civic engagement (public service) requirement.


Lighting & electrics (3cr hours)

Level one course in lighting design and stage electrics. Students served as designers, assistant designers, master electricians and stage crew. Advanced students were introduced to moving light programming.


Sound & acoustics (3cr hours)

Level one course in sound design, technology and acoustics. Course was included as a non-lab science course. Students served as designers and technicians for department productions.


Stage management (3cr hours)

Members of the stage management class served as production managers, stage managers and assistants for department productions.


Advanced Stagecraft (3cr hours)

Advanced level course exploring stage rigging, basic automation concepts, production budgeting and crew supervision. Students served as technical leaders on mainstage productions.


Production crew (3cr hours)

Basic stage crew component of the department.


Intro to theater (3cr hours)

Introduction class for non-majors. Course satisfied the universityŐs core credit requirement.


Grants Received

Project Pericles Grant for Civic Engagement                                                                 2004

Research Presentation Travel Grants                                                                   2003, 2004

NEH Teaching Fellow grant for cooperative education.                                                   2003

Assistant Professor (Adjunct) NYC College of Technology, CUNY                                         Spring/Fall 2006

Taught two semesters of Theater Welding within the Entertainment Technology program. Training includes design and fabrication of stage scenery using mig, gas and arc welding techniques.


Assistant Professor (Adjunct) School of Architecture at City College, CUNY                                   Fall 2005

Taught Computers in Architecture, a four credit hour course covering AutoCAD, AutoDesk Architectural Desktop, VectorWorks, Adobe PhotoShop, Rhino3D, Sketchup and the Web.


Faculty Designer/Technical Director, NYC Dept. of Education, Edward R. Murrow HS                1999-2004

The design/technical program involved over 200 students working on 20 annual productions including Broadway style musicals, dance and music concerts, dramas and more. Students were assigned positions of responsibility at all levels of the production process. Crew size averaged 35 students per show.

á       Obtained funding, designed and supervised installation of a new $80,000 sound system and CAD lab.

á       Designed and supervised $300,000 lighting system renovation.

á       Several students have progressed through college theater programs and have entered the backstage workforce.


Freelance Computer Consultant and End User Trainer, NY                                                             1994-2003

Clients included: Deutsche Bank; Goldman Sachs; and other New York banks and law firms. Specialized in advanced software applications including PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Illustrator and more. Trained end users during migration to Windows XP and other programs. Tech support to traders on the trading floor.


Designer/Technical Director, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn NY                                            1994-1999

Taught all levels of design and technical theater to students from 5th through 12th grade. Supervised design/tech members of the Thespian Society.


Graduate Student and freelance designer.                                                                                           1992-1994

See education section on page one for education details.

Freelance career maintained in the NYC area during study.


Freelance Television Cameraman for ENG Services and American Television News, NYC        1988-1994

Lighting Cameraman for television commercials and industrial videos.

Breaking news cameraman covering events in and around New York City.

TV News Cameraman with footage appearing on all NYC News programs. National networks include ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and CNBC. Good Morning America, 48 Hours, Regis Philbin, more.


Certified Instructor, SCUBA Network, NYC.                                                                                       1987-1992

Master Instructor for PADI and NAUI. Instructor trainer for NAUI. Created training programs for a network of 13 retail stores and training sites located in New York and Florida. 


Licensed Yacht Captain, New York, Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands                                                      1985-1999

United States Coast Guard licensed Captain (Merchant Marine Officer) working part time during my theatrical career. I have been captain of several classic vessels including the 95Ő 1931 former presidential yacht used by John F. Kennedy known as the Honey Fitz.


Supervisor at Specialty Signs in NYC.                                                                                                 1985-1986

Worked in a sign making shop running computer-controlled sign cutting machines. Promoted to company manager


New York City Taxi Driver, New York.                                                                                                 1981-1984

Drove a New York City Yellow Cab during my college years. Required elevated level of customer service.



United States Institute of Theater Technology (USITT).                                                                    Joined in 1985

Active at both the national and local section levels.

Served three years as the Chair of the New York Area Section.                                               2004-2007

Actors Equity Association (stage manager)                                                                                          Joined in 1985

ESTA                                                                                                                                                    Joined in 2007         

AAUP. Served as Vice President of Pace UniversityŐs local chapter.                                                  Joined in 2005


Publications and Presentations

USITT National Conference Panels:

       50 Years of Lighting Design (Co-Chair) featuring Richard Pilbrow, James L. Moody, Beverly Emmons          2010

       Setting Up Shop, Chair of panel discussion                                                                                                      2010

       High School Musical: The Dark Side.                                                                                                               2008

              Care and feeding of High School Technical Crews. Chair of panel discussion.                                                  

       Computers in Stage Management. Chair of panel discussion                                                                            2007

       High School Tech Theater. Chair of panel discussion 2006

       Intro Stagecraft Techniques. Panel member presenting introduction to lighting plots                                      2006

       Tech on Broadway, the 2005 Season. Chair of panel discussion featuring technical specialists and                  2005

              back-stage photographs from the 2005 Broadway season.


Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, NJ Workshop Presenter                                                                                  2002

Conducted the ŇTech 101 WorkshopÓ underwritten by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.


Juried work:

USITT Education Poster Session regarding the New York City Dept. of EducationŐs Theatre Blueprint.        2006

USITT Tech Expo: Journal Article presenting innovative method of adding castors to platforms.                    2005


Published articles:

Lighting Design One Dramatics Magazine                                                                                                          2010

              Second article in a series covering traditional and computer assisted design methods.

Lighting Design One Dramatics Magazine                                                                                                          2009

              First article in a series covering traditional and computer assisted design methods.

Teaching Non-Stage Lighting Stage Directions Magazine                                                                                   2006

              Article focused on the wide assortment of lighting careers available other then theater.                              

Funny Girl Stage Directions Magazine                                                                                                                2006

              Answer box article presenting an alternative method of locking stage wagons.

Into the Woods Stage Directions Magazine                                                                                                          2005

              Answer box presenting methods of staging used for a Pace production


On-line publication, founder of the High School Technical Production web site, The site is devoted to training young stage technicians and their teachers to stage theatrical productions.


Colleagues & Collaborators (past & present)

Bill Barcley, Russ Behrens, Ken Billington, Julie Boyd, Milton Berle, Victor Capecci, Beverly Emmons, Ray Dooley, Michael Hairston, Jeff Horowitz, Anne Jackson, Peter Jennings, Jason Kantrowitz, Kathleen Kelliagh, Skip Mercier, John Miller, Eric Nightengale, Regis Philbin, Radio City Rocketts, Amy Rogers, Ralph Roseman, John Scheffler, Steve Shelley, Sonny Sonnenfeld, Jay Tanzi, Joe Tawil, Julie Taymor, Elmer Todd, Elfin Vogal, Eli Wallach



Public Service Work

Board of Directors activities

United States Institute of Theater Technology, New York Area Section.                                                 2004-2007

              Served as vice chair for one year, and then chair for two and half years.                                                      


Theater Garden NY- Board Member

              Mission: produce entertaining, educational theater that brings history to life for students of all ages.


Educational Consulting


New York City Department of Education.                                                                                         2003 to present

Since 2006 I have co-chaired The Technical Theater Test Development Committee for the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), in conjunction with NOCTI, to create a nationally-normed exit examination for high school technical theater students. I assembled a committee of industry representatives, union members, high school technical theater teachers and higher education personnel who worked as a committee, along with NOCTI, to create a comprehensive and appropriate test aligned with industry standards. We are currently in the pilot testing phase of the process.

¤ Member of the committee for the creation of the K-12 Curriculum Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in theater for the NYC public schools

¤ Member of the Dave Matthews Performing Arts Facilities Improvement Grant committee. Evaluate programs and schools that warrant monies to improve facilities.


Falmouth High School Falmouth, MA                                                                                                                 2002

Specified all stage lighting, sound and rigging systems equipment for theater during 63 million dollar school renovation.


Teaching Licenses

New York State Permanent Teaching Licenses: 1. Stage & Set Design, 2. Performing Arts/Drama, 3. Technology


New York City Teaching Licenses: 1. Stage & Set Design, 2. Technology


Lighting Design (selected credits)

2010 Alchemy of Light                             New York, NY

2009 Cradle Will Rock               Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY

         London Cuckolds      Howell Theater, Lincoln NE

         Alchemy of Light                         CultureMart, NY

2008 Carousel            Lied Ctr. for Performing Arts NE

2007 The SoldierŐs Tale   Lincoln Symphony Orch. NE

         Johnny Carson School dedication        Lincoln NE

         Little Women                      Scheaberle Theater NY

         Marat/Sade                        Scheaberle Theater NY

2006 Trojan Women                  Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY

2005 A Chorus Line                     Anzalone Theater NY

         Funny Girl                        Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY

2004 Into The Woods                 Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY

         In The Blood                      Scheaberle Theater NY

         Tempest                              Scheaberle Theater NY

2003 Skin of our Teeth                        Papp Theater NY

         Trial by Jury                              Papp Theater NY

1999 Fiddler On The Roof           Anzalone Theater NY

1998 Amadeus, Man Who Came to Dinner, Waiting for Godot                                   Papp Theater NY, Rumors         Papp Theater NY

1998 How to SucceedÉ               Anzalone Theater NY

1995 Christmas Spectacular (3rd ALD to Ken Billington)

                                             Radio City Music Hall NY

1994 Twelfth Night            Brooklyn Ctr./Perf. Arts NY

         Gertrude's Easter     Brooklyn Ctr./Perf. Arts NY

         Reckless Abandon                Redfield Theatre  NY

1993The Water Engine      Brooklyn Ctr./Perf. Arts NY

         Sing To Me Through Open Windows

                                          Brooklyn Ctr./Perf. Arts NY

1993 D&C Dance Series, Choreographer's Choice

                                                  2nd Ave. Dance Co. NY

1988-1994 Lighting for Television. See page 5 above.

1987 A Yankee Doodle Dandy

         (also ActorsŐ Equity SM)                National Tour

         Intern Fest. '86         Ensemble Studio Theater NY

1985 A Midsummer NightŐs Dream

                                          Sanford Meisner Theater NY

         Cat On A Hot Tin Roof       Hedgerow Theater PA

         Night Must Fall         Cockpit In Court  Baltimore  MD

         I Love You, I Love You Not

                                    Theater for a New Audience, NY

1985 Do Lord, Remember Me

                        ALD and Equity SM Tri-State Tour NY

1983 Polly Pie, Royal Academy/Dramatic Arts London


Lighting and Scenic Design (selected credits)

2003      Music Man                    Anzalone Theater NY

              Mame                            Anzalone Theater NY

2002      Guys & Dolls                Anzalone Theater NY

              Man Of La Mancha      Anzalone Theater NY

2001      Candide                         Anzalone Theater NY

              Once Upon A Mattress Anzalone Theater NY

2000      Anything Goes               Anzalone Theater NY

              Into The Woods             Anzalone Theater NY

1999      A Funny Thing Happened on the-

              Way to the Forum         Anzalone Theater NY

              Fantastiks                            Papp Theater NY

1987      The Disposal                Jan Jus Playhouse NY

1985      Side By Side By Sondheim

                                       Hedgerow Theater  Phila.  PA


Lighting and Sound Design (selected credits)

2006      Cabaret                         Anzalone Theater NY

              UrineTown                 Schimmel Ctr./Arts NY

2005      Sweeney Todd               Anzalone Theater NY

2004      Oklahoma                     Anzalone Theater NY


Sound Design  (selected credits)

2008      Heartbeat to Bahgdad   Sheaberle Theater NY

2001-2005 The ChildrenŐs Aid Society Chorus

                                        Resident Sound Designer NY

1994-1999 Berkeley Carroll School Music Dept.

                                        Resident Sound Designer NY


Stage Management (~AEA~ member)

1987 Yankee Doodle Dandy, PSM      East Coast Tour

1986 Space Age, PSM, Sanford Meisner Theater.   NY

1985 Do Lord, Remember Me, ASM. North East Tour

1983 Goodnight Grandpa w/Milton Berle, (PA)    NY


Technical Direction and Production Management

I have many credits involving management and technical direction of theater productions, commercial events/production processes and more. Guys & Dolls, Man Of La Mancha, Candide, Once Upon A Mattress, Anything Goes, Into The Woods, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Fiddler On The Roof, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Joseph Anzalone Theatre NY, Guys & Dolls, Full Stage Production  NY, BCS Dance Series,    NY, The Jury (12 Angry Men),    NY, Insanity In An Insane World,    NY, Voices From The High School,    NY, Beach Kool, Gene Frankle Theater  NY, Iolanta, Riverside Opera  NY, Tempest, City Stage Company Rep.  NY, Black Girl, Second Stage Theater  NY, Do Lord, Remember Me, Eastern States Tour, Residence Td, Theater For A New Audience  NY, Goblin Market, Vineyard Theater  NY, St. Bart's Playhouse  NY,