Lewinner BlueTooth Mic

Hi, everyone, welcome to Scott Parker’s Tech Tips. Today, I’m reviewing this smart Mike from the winner. It is a Bluetooth microphone and I tested it out. But let me show you this first. This is why I like it and I’m going to give it five stars. Watch. So I think my favorite part about this wireless microphone is that I can have the phone, Wafaa, over there and I can be standing here talking to you directly without having to shout or without having to long wire back to the phone.

I don’t have to synchronize the sound because it’ll be recorded straight into the phone along with the video. We’ve had some snow. Thanks for watching. So that was a real scene, I was outside on my porch, it had snowed and I was wearing this small microphone on my shirt collar. It’s a little larger than you would have a livelier microphone. This is an earpiece that would spout the size of a lavaliere. It’s rechargeable via the USB cord right here that supplied it has a little earpiece so you can wear it.

If you’re wearing the the mic here, you can wear the earpiece in your ear so you can hear yourself and monitor it. Recharger cord. It’s got a little foam rubber disk for this part. And then it has this big thing which a wind screen for the microphone and it goes on to they’re so tight. I haven’t used it that way. Here’s the thing, though. It only works with their native app. It won’t work with the native apps in the phone or with other apps.

It’s a pretty good at their phone app. I’m going to show you a few of the features here and we go, says Mike. Not connected there. Now it’s connected. So this microphone is now active in this app. And to hear anything, I need to use the earpiece because it has taken over the playback as well. So the speaker doesn’t playback at the moment, but there are some adjustments to use there. Let me turn down some recording.

One thing that I like a lot about this is that you see this picture in picture action going on here. You can have it where you’re demonstrating something, let’s say reading the instructions here in one screen, but you can still show yourself talking in the other screen. So that’s pretty handy. Let’s turn that feature off, but let’s look at some of these settings here. Turn that picture off. There we go. Now we can go up to four K 10, AVP 720 and 540.

We have video different frame rates, 60, 50, 30, 25 different bit rates. So your size of your file, AntiSec and a vibration movie format’s MLV or 94, and then you turn the grid frame and grid on and off. And then we have these settings here, we can turn on the phone, Mike, or turn it off, we can well, we need one one Mike, at least external Mike here. You can plug in a second, Mike, into this USB port and have a conversation with somebody so two people can be having it.

I can wear this on mine. And then the wire from the USB cord can go to the other person. You can have an interview with this one device. So I dug out an old lavalier mike. It’s tiny. This is actually meant to be used in theater and is meant to go into the air. Something to hide up here. You’ve seen shows where you see somebody wearing a microphone which might be hidden in their hair or whatnot. So I dug this out and I plugged in, plugged into the back of this.

And we’re going to see that when I plug it in. In the app. It reacts, the app sees it, and you want to put it in a set external might that turned on in the internal might be turned off. And then if I press on internal Mike. And we go, I get another gauge over here for the DHBs of the external mike, because I’ve already tried this once. And the external Mike, the volume was very low right here just to.

Does this mean, Audy, Mike is the strange thing is that it seems like both of them wrong, even though I have the settings set to turn this one off and turn this went on, I still think it’s a great system, but this external microphone is longer than the other. Testing one, two, testing one, two.

OK, so now I’m testing the microphone on a phone call and I have called myself from my landline. Yes, I have one, and I can choose the smart mike or the speaker or the phone. And I can hear it through this thing. And if I listen to myself, I could I can hear myself really well so I can use this as Bluetooth headphones.

So I think the best thing about this microphone is that I can have the camera on a tripod way far away and I can be heard perfectly well. That’s the biggest challenge with working with just an iPhone, is that the microphone is built in with this wireless one. This is terrific.

So I hope you enjoyed this review. If you want to see other things reviewed or you want to throw in your opinions, put them in the comments below. There’s a link to this microphone in my in the description. And thanks for watching Scott Parker’s tech tips.

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